Many hundreds of years before modern research confirmed the cosmetic benefits of Dead Sea minerals, this unique salt lake was known throughout the ancient world for its remarkable properties.

The Bible tells the story of the Queen of Sheba, presented with Dead Sea salts by the wise King Solomon. Centuries later, the Jewish-Roman historian Josephus Flavius mentioned the extensive use of Dead Sea minerals as balms and medication.

The beautiful Egyptian Queen Cleopatra used Dead Sea formulations in her beauty regimen, and even urged the Roman Mark Antony to conquer the Dead Sea region in his Judean campaign so that she would be guaranteed a plentiful supply of Dead Sea minerals.

This inland lake, around 400 meters below sea level, has attracted all, from the greatest kings to simple commoners, who made the often perilous journey to benefit from the Dead Sea's mineral-rich black mud, known for enhancing beauty and offering relief from psoriasis, eczema, acne and other skin conditions.

Contemporary understanding of the amazing properties of these minerals has led the national health insurance of several European countries to cover the costs of a visit to one of the Dead Sea's health spas for those suffering from various ailments.

Even the ancients who established the first city, Jericho, chose to locate it on the shores of the Dead Sea.


Now, many centuries later, Spa Cosmetics continues the tradition and, together with the worldwide trend toward a return to nature, brings you the benefits of what might be the oldest cosmetic line in the history of mankind.